Thursday, 25 October 2012

Becoming 'Almost Amish' - my personal journey, part 2

The tracts duly arrived, all the way from the United States. I devoured them eagerly and realised that this was something – no, the thing – I had been looking for all my life. They taught moral purity, high standards, solid Christian teaching, Bible study, and a complete way of life, which not only encouraged the individual Christian, but added a real sense of community and outreach. 

There were tracts on:

Family life

Church life

Relations with other Christians

How we relate to the world around us


Personal life and devotion to God

Obedience to Christ’s commands

…and many other items.

I will be addressing some of these issues as time permits. If you would like a set of the tracts yourself, then you can order them from the bookshop I mentioned previously, or else write to Rod and Staff direct at:

Rod and Staff Publishers, Inc.
PO Box 3,
Hwy. 172
Kentucky 41413-0003

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