Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sunday Focus

This was posted by an elder at my church this morning on Facebook:

Meeting in the Saviour’s Name,
“Breaking bread” by his command,
To the world we thus proclaim
On what ground we hope to stand,
When the Lord shall come with clouds,
Joined by heaven’s exulting crowds.

From the Cross our hope we draw
‘Tis the sinner’s sure resource;
Jesus magnified the law,
... Jesus bore its awful curse;
What a joyful truth is this!
O how full of hope it is!

Jesus died, and then arose;
Yes, He rose, He lives to reign;
He will vanquish all His foes
When to earth He comes again;
His the triumph and the crown,
His the glory and renown.

Sing we, them of Him who died,
Sing of Him who rose again;
By His blood we’re justified,
And with Him we hope to reign:
Yes, we look to see our Lord,
And to share His bright reward.

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